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Aprendizagem em equipa sobre a CIF-CJ ICT-based
Parceiros (instituição) nome Centre d’Etude et de Formation pour l’Education Spécialisée
Pessoa Responsável (pelo Projecto) Prof. Dr. Jean Jacques Detraux
Morada Psychologie et Pédagogie de la Personne Handicapée
Département de Psychologie : Cognition et Comportement
Faculté de Psychologie et des Sciences de l'Education
Rue de l'Aunaie, 30
Sart Tilman B38
4000 Liège

Parking P16

Voir http://www2.ulg.ac.be/acces/plans/b38.html
Homepage http://www.cefes.be
Principais domínios de trabalho relativamente à Intervenção Precoce (IP) na infância Cefes (Centre for Study and Training in Special Education) is a non profit organization founded in 1982 and located into the Free University of Brussels.There are 7 permanent workers and a variable number of collaborators according the funding of research/training/consultation activities. The main aim of the Centre is to develop links between research conducted in Universities and the services dealing with disabled persons. Cefes has four main sectors - research - training and expertises for professionals and parents; training for disabled persons - clinical consultation ( assessments, counselling, guidance and orientation; follow up in schools; ...) and support service for disabled university students - documentation Cefes is coordinator or partner in various EU programs (Leonardo, Grundvig, Life Long Learning Program,Cost,...) Cefes has conducted various studies focusing on the analysis of the needs of disabled persons and families; on the use of international classifications (ICF)
Outros projectos atuais ou futuros sobre a CIF CEFES will be in charge of translation/dissemination and valorisation for the French speaking area (700- 800 professionals: teachers, educators, psychologists, speech therapists, physiotherapists,...) . A specific emphasis is given to the dissemination within the whole French speaking areas, as especially in Fr (due to the heterogeneity of ECI-system) comparable standards are highly requested.
Outros aspectos importantes que deverão conhecidos em relação a esta instituição
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