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Aprendizagem em equipa sobre a CIF-CJ ICT-based
Parceiros (instituição) nome Frühförderung Norderstedt des Diakonischen Werkes Hamburg West-/Südholstein
Pessoa Responsável (pelo Projecto) Dr. Liane Simon
Morada Kirchenstraße 12a
22848 Nordstedt
Homepage http://www.frühförderung-norderstedt.de/
Principais domínios de trabalho relativamente à Intervenção Precoce (IP) na infância The Early Intervention Center Norderstedt supports approximately 100 families/ week with children with special needs (aged birth to school entry.
Our interdisciplinary team working with families encompasses: special education teachers, social workers, psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physiotherapists and pediatricians. In the team in 2003 it was necessary to find a common language among the different disciplines (ICF).
In 2004 the leader of the EIC, Liane Simon, was part of the team around Kraus de Camargo developing a checklist establishing the ICF-status of children in Early Intervention Centers.
In 2005 EIC Norderstedt was one of the first two EICs nationwide implementing the ICF Checklist.
Since 2007 Simon and Kraus de Camargo have been teachers for a various number of professionals and institutions in Germany. They are also in teaching positions at university. E.g. soly in 2010 Liane Simon led 12 trainings and moreover took an active part in the ICF meeting of users (Mac Master Uni/ Canada, Eurly Aid Congress/ Gera).
Outros projectos atuais ou futuros sobre a CIF Designing and improvement of training, trainings are all lead by a special education teacher/psychologist and a pediatrician to provide the interdisciplinary. The training includes introduction to the ICF-CY philosophy, videosupported case study in small groups pretending to be a diagnostic team using e.g. the shortlist methodologically (Camargo 2007).
Using the ICF Checklist is part of our daily professional routine. Main goals in this issue are to develop standards for interdisciplinary agreements and documentation using video-supported assessments in interdisciplinary teams.
These goals should be reassessed weather they consider personal resources and include family orientation focusing on the best outcomes for the child's development.
Today, the number of EICs in Germany working with the ICF-CY and the ICF checklist are increasing. There are groups of professionals improving the checklist to augment its area of application. ICFTRAIN helps them by giving best practice examples.
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